ROBBIE - One of Leo's best friends, he is half llama/half alpaca (Huarizo)

Robbie will also accompany Leo on his visit to you - He is super friendly and loves a neck scratch.


TREVOR - Also will accompany Leo on his visit to you.

Trevor is a very special alpaca, he is 9 years old and also super friendly, loves to be hand fed his special muesli and chopped carrots, which we will bring with us on our visit to you.


LEO - Lives with 14 of his alpaca buddies at the farm and will bring 2 of them to see you on your special visit from him.

Leo is 2 years old and is a trained therapy animal, we rehomed him from Devon in May 2021. Leo loves to be brushed and hand fed, he is really friendly and a very calm llama (He hasn't spat at anyone- Yet....haha)

WEDDINGS - Leo loves wedding and is available for up to 3 hrs (please call for details or book on the booking page)



All our alpacas and Leo the Llama are the perfect animals for therapy and educational activities at your school, nursery, event and even weddings and garden parties. They are hypoallergenic and safe to hand feed as they don't have any teeth on the top, therefore very gentle to feed from your hand, it's a big hit with even the most nervous. They make you feel very special just to be in their company. We look forward to seeing you and sharing these incredible animals with you at your place of work, event, centre or residence.